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The Registration Division in the Faculty of Basic Education is an important people and has a close and direct relationship with students,
The work of the people in the completion of all transactions for students and graduates in terms of
1) Registration of new students at the beginning of each academic year after receipt of the Central Admission Statement from the University Presidency, electronically and electronically through the SIS program, listing the names of the new students in the Microsoft Excel registration database, and entering their names and data on the counterfeit student follow-up program.
2) Create lists of new students and transferred to the college and all channels of acceptance and reproduction of their documents for the purpose of audit with the Ministry.
3) issuing administrative orders for new students in the event of non-registration and absence due to absence and progress in registration … etc.
4) Follow up, answer and print the books received from the university presidency and the scientific sections.
5) Promote the amendment of the nomination, hosting and transport transactions within Iraq and issue administrative orders.
6) Issuing a statistic that includes the preparation of the application, the preparation of the transferred and the accepted applicants and the rate of their nomination to and from our college.
7) Provide students with continuity, examination and processing support.
8) Print the documents in degrees and confirmations and the certificate of the mural certified in Arabic and English
10) Grant the authenticity of all documents issued by our College to donors.