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Rules and regulations

First paragraph: Admission

First: After the publishing of the names of the students who are centrally accepted to attained certain colleges the student must attained the college within one week from the from the date of his acceptance otherwise his acceptance will be invalid

Second: Each student will receive a university number of six digits. The first two digits on the left stands for the year of his acceptance at the faculty and the rest stands for his sequence in the central acceptance office list.

Second paragraph: crossover:

First: The period of crossover for between faculties which follow the courses program for the students according to the central crossover regulations 1/7-1/8 provided that all applications in this regard will be decided about it within ten days after the date of the application.

Second: The Department council or the branch council of the faculty which has no departments after having the approval of the faculty council will specify the equivalent subjects or courses of the previous faculty that could be considered to be taken into account so that the student will study the rest of the required courses for his graduation . This must be done at most by 1/9.

Third: Following an commendation by the department council to the faculty council the student can crossover to a department with lower requirements within the same faculty according to the lower level for the accepted group of that year if he/she fail in one obligatory course in the first studying level for the second time or due to acceptable reasons. All the previous terms will be counted as part of the total period of the study. If a crossover student fail twice in a department requirement course in the first level his record at the faculty will deactivated.

Fourth: Beside taking into account points one and two of the crossover requirements above:

(1)In the first level a student is allowed to crossover from the computer and chemistry departments to the faculty of pharmacy. Also the top score student in the first level in the mathematics, physics, geology and computer can crossover to the faculty of engineering.(2)A student is allowed to crossover to a higher requirement department within the same faculty if his/her AGPA at the end of the second semester in the same year of his acceptance not less than 70% provided that he completed successfully 35 units with grade ‘very good’ in the department courses for which he want to crossover with all department obligatory courses for the first level are included. ,

Third Paragraph: Expressions used in the courses program:

First: A course-studying subject that contains a specific studying units decided by the department and approved by the faculty council and the University council.

Second: Prerequisite-a required previous course whose contains are required for studying a new course depending on the previous one.

Third: Obligatory courses-Fundamental courses that strengthen the student knowledge and the student must study them.

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