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the department of Arabic language
Competitive materials
1 – grammar: Explanation Ibn Aqil, singer of Labib, Qatar dew, meanings of grammar
2 – The literature of ignorance: Islamic literature Abbasid literature Late ages, the book Shawqi guest, the book of Nazim Rashid (Literature late ages)
3- Modern literature, monetary schools, ancient literary criticism, modern literary criticism
4 – rhetoric
5- Jurisprudence
6- Offers
7- The Arabic Dictionary
8- Methods of literary research, library
9. Sound, drainage
Specialized materials for the Department of Arabic Language
Islamic Education Department
Materials taught and scientific background
– The scientific background adopted by the Department for applicants to graduate studies is limited to students of Islamic education departments in all colleges and universities.
Course material for the first semester
1- Science of the Koran
2 – Modern trends in the teaching of forensic science
3 – Advanced studies in the eloquence of the Koran
4 – the term Hadith
5- Comparative Jurisprudence
6- Islamic thought
7- English language

Course material for the second semester

1- Methods of interpretation
2 – Quranic miracle
3 – Achieving manuscripts
4 – updated curricula
5- Principles of Fiqh
6. Research Methodology
7- English language