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Dean’s word


The city is Najaf, the beacon of the world, and the incubator for the honorable body of the gate of the city of knowledge.
The University of Kufa rose from its red soil as an extension of the ancient Kufa School, and in (parts or all parts) of this generous university, the College of Basic Education emerged in 2009 AD, and it took upon itself to raise scientific faculty whose mission is to build up generations for education and education.
The college included in (its beginnings) the departments of Islamic education and the Arabic language, then the kindergarten department, and after that the mathematics department, and their opening came in response to societal and educational needs identified by the Najaf Education Directorate. The departments of Arabic language and Islamic education, as well as its projects to open a doctorate in them, and masters in others.
In its (young) age, the college held large scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, and workshops, as well as the participation of its professors in their research and scientific activities on a global level.


the professor Doctor Hassan H. Al_faiyth


the Faculty Dean