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Vision The Department of Mathematics aspires to provide excellent academic programs in mathematics that are suitable for the needs of the labor market and contribute to the localization and development of technology, in addition to keeping pace with scientific progress at the global level. the message: 1 – the development …

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Department vision: Establishing an educational and an intellectual system order to achieve surveillance in the field of kindergarten on a substantially based foundation established on well-thought-out and organized plans that target all aspects of the children and achieve excellence in imparting knowledge and research creativity. The Memorandum of the Department …

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Islamic education

Vision: Leadership, excellence and creativity in the scientific and academic fields and at the local, regional and international levels to reach a society in which the Quranic culture and Islamic concepts are developed and graduates of distinguished cadres capable of competing globally. Section Message: To be the Department of the …

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Arabic Language

Department Vision: Spreading the language of the Arabic language in order to become the language of daily performance by preparing the generations surrounding the language theoretically and practically, familiar with its heritage and modern sources, very proud of its linguistic identity and cultural values, empowered by teaching the best and …

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