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(The Bible and its history and the rest of its news and sermons)) The issuance of a new book for teaching at the Faculty of Basic Education at the German Lambert Foundation for Publishing

A new author of the book, Mohamed Abdel Hamid El Koufy, is teaching at the Faculty of Basic Education at the University of Kufa, where he talks about the Bible and its copy from one edition to another, in terms of the validity of the news and its transmission among …

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Master Thesis entitled (objections Alddmamenyi (827 e) grammar on the son of Hisham Ansari (761 e) in his book ( Tuhfat Al Qareeb in kalam on Megane Albeeb ) the first section.‬‬

The master thesis of the student (Ali Mohsen Farhoud Al-Hamrani) was discussed at Dr. Salah Al-Fartousi Hall, which was the address mentioned above, which dealt with the objections of in the Alddmameny book ofTuhfat Al Qareeb . , As well as catalogs of verses and verses as represented by the …

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Council of Ministers honors teaching at the Faculty of Basic Education, University of Kufa

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers honored Prof. Hassan Humaid Al Fayyad, Scientific and Teaching Assistant at the College of Basic Education, for his outstanding efforts on the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language. The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers also thanked and …

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A teacher in the Faculty of Basic Education Lectures in a number of schools in the province of Najaf

(Aseel Fadel Ayoub, in the Department of Islamic Education at the Faculty of Basic Education at the University of Kufa and in collaboration with the veterinary doctor (Israa Fadil Ayoub) resident in the veterinary hospital Najaf with a voluntary campaign in a number of primary schools to promote health awareness …

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Employment of social media in the service of the Arabic language

Scientific lecture: To Celebrate International Day of Arabic language In the presence of the Dean of the College Prof. Dr. (Maytham Mahdi Al-Hamami) ,Professor (Hassan Hamid Fayyad) scientific assistant, Assistant Professor Dr. (Salah Muhammad Shamsa) and a group of Arabic language professors.  Dr. Essam Kazem Al-Ghalbi spoke about his personal …

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Seminar entitled “Imam Ali’s Linguistic Creativity” at College of Basic Education

College of Basic Education has held a seminar entitled “Imam Ali’s Linguistic Creativity” delivered by Dr. Maitham Mehdi AL-Hammami. AL-Hammami has debated the problem of some scholars who doubt the reliability and authenticity of Imam Ali’s speeches in NahajulBalaagha. He referred to the highly rhetoric, creative, and linguistic aspects of …

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