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The Department of Mathematics aspires to provide excellent academic programs in mathematics that are suitable for the needs of the labor market and contribute to the localization and development of technology, in addition to keeping pace with scientific progress at the global level.

the message:

1 – the development of academic programs distinct to keep abreast of recent developments in mathematic  science.
2- Taking into consideration the needs of the labor market (Directorate of Education in Najaf Governorate, its surroundings and its aspects) when developing academic programs in a variety of ways, and giving particular importance to the specialization to qualify the graduate to work in the fields available to him.
3 – Keep abreast of recent developments in mathematic sciences through the adoption of new decisions in line with the latest scientific developments.
Preparing qualified graduates to complete   postgraduates and teaching.
5 – Activating scientific research and making it a priority of the department by establishing units for research and various majors  and holding periodic scientific seminars.
the scientific oversight of mathematics courses.
Providing consultancy services and organizing courses in mathematics for the institutions and institutions needed within the country.

Department aims:

1 – Making efforts to instill the love of specialization among the students of the department by clarifying the importance of mathematics and its use in the fields of scientific and manufacturing life, including computer applications.
2 – To prepare excellent students as a first step in the way to complete their higher studies to obtain a master’s degree and doctorate in the field of mathematics and computer applications in which the country suffers from a large shortage.
  3 – Preparing specialized cadres to work in state educational institutions in the fields of mathematics.
In addition to the work of graduates as scientific research assistants in the mathematics departments in universities, there is a need for them to work as teachers in primary and secondary education.

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