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Department vision:
Establishing an educational and an intellectual system order to achieve surveillance in the field of kindergarten on a substantially based foundation established on well-thought-out and organized plans that target all aspects of the children and achieve excellence in imparting knowledge and research creativity.

The Memorandum of the Department :
Providing useful knowledge in the field of kindergarten, the creativity of advanced research, and graduating qualified people to serve the community in the field of childhood.

Department’s Objectives:
1 – Preparing the scientific cadres and competencies to serve the field of childhood.
2- Upgrading the scientific, professional, and cultural status of female workers in the kindergarten field.
3- Conducting research and studies in the field of specialization.
4- Preparing programs for higher studies.
5- Serving the community and opening horizons for continuing education through courses, seminars, and workshops.
6- Attracting faculty members with outstanding academic and research competence.
7- Preparing the teacher for special education according to modern trends.
8- Creating teaching methods that encourage students to engage in discussions, dialogues, and reasoning.

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