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Islamic education


Leadership, excellence and creativity in the scientific and academic fields and at the local, regional and international levels to reach a society in which the Quranic culture and Islamic concepts are developed and graduates of distinguished cadres capable of competing globally.

Section Message:

To be the Department of the Holy Quran and Islamic Education of the scientific departments contribute to the numbers and training of university teachers who believe in their mission competent, who perform their educational mission in the most distinct in their field of competence, creators in the field of scientific research able to employ educational knowledge in solving the problems facing basic education; In the service of the community and the highest quality standards adopted and thus be able to compete with peers with similar competencies globally.

Section Objectives:

1.       Preparation of qualified university teachers equipped with the expertise and skills to teach the Holy Quran and Islamic education efficiently and effectively in the basic stages of education in the light of contemporary educational trends and according to scientific programs developed to keep pace with scientific progress and meet the needs of the labor market and the requirements of comprehensive development.
2.       Raising the level of performance of students to their educational task in basic education and through the memorization of the Holy Quran and improve and understand.
3.       The development of scientific thinking and methods and creative and creative skills of students.
4.       enrich student information with other sciences relevant to the Islamic sciences necessary for him to create a general understanding when considering contemporary issues emerging.
5.       Building an academic environment characterized by creativity, within the college and contribute to activating the role of the university in society and openness to it.
6.       Enhancing the spirit of cooperation among students by participating in activities aimed at holding student meetings and holding cultural seminars.
7.       Holding conferences and symposia and scientific meetings, local and Arab and international participation.
8.       Access to academic accreditation.

About the Department:

The Department of Quran and Islamic Education was established in 2009-20010. It is the first department to teach this subject to prepare graduates with a bachelor’s degree to teach in elementary and intermediate education. The seriousness of this stage and its importance is to establish the right and proper rules for raising children and establishing a student database Of the advances in curriculum and teaching methods.

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