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Arabic Language

Department Vision:

Spreading the language of the Arabic language in order to become the language of daily performance by preparing the generations surrounding the language theoretically and practically, familiar with its heritage and modern sources, very proud of its linguistic identity and cultural values, empowered by teaching the best and best ways, and able to creativity and innovation and keep abreast of developments in the field of specialization.

Department Message:

To provide the student with the skills of the Arabic language at its various levels and to enable him to apply this by practical and educational practice, and to find the linguistic talent to possess the cornerstone of the statement, knowledge and understanding of the main areas, , and to document his connection with his heritage to build his promising gland and prepare him to be a leader.

Department Objectives:

To enlighten the student on the importance of the Arabic language and to consolidate his culture of pride.
Evaluating the tongue of the student and strengthening the linguistic faculty , and the ability to understand, listen, speak and write literary through his knowledge of the rules of Arabic and money and eloquence.
The student is acquainted with the history of Arabic literature in its different ages, and its ability to research the issues of Arabic and its literature and solve the problems that may be answered in it.
The student can acquire the ability to teach the Arabic language by following the educational methods in teaching the language, and follow up the new knowledge and experiences related to the general and special teaching methods and the skills required to implement the necessary knowledge.
Developing the self-search for the students’ knowledge so as to enable them to develop their own abilities and continue their higher studies in the fields of known disciplines.

About the Department:

The department was established with the establishment of the College in the sixth month of 2009, to be the first department to be opened in the College with the Department of the Holy Quran and Islamic Education. The first part was headed by Dr. Hassan Humaid Fayyad and then by Dr. Abbas Al Faham and the rest of the teachers. And had received his student in the same year.
The Department seeks to have students, at the time of graduation, acquire the language skills, literary knowledge and teaching methods suitable for their work with the small age groups ranging from kindergarten to the third intermediate.
The department consists of two offices, one for the head of the department and the other for the secretariat. The section also includes five modern classrooms, some with a loudspeaker and a data booth.
The teaching staff is headed by the head of the department, the department head, eleven teachers, one of whom is a professor, five are assistant professors, three are teachers and four are assistant professors. The administrators are the secretary and the secretary.
The section also includes a methodological book covering a large part of the subjects, as well as the library of the college, which includes important and varied sources, and teaches the students to clarify the information and display it with the DataShow. The department invests the scientific and literary forum to involve its students in listening to and discussing various cultural and scientific lectures . The graduate has the opportunity to work in schools of the Ministry of Education or private schools supervised by the Ministry.
The department plans to develop (the unit of linguistic and literary studies) to be an important and effective extension in the number of research according to a strategic plan.

The department has carried out a number of activities including:

  1. Organizing seminars, seminars and lectures in the literary forum in the faculty of teaching the department.
  2. The establishment of conferences, including: Conference of Arabic language and challenges of the age. Contribution to the conference of the approach of Balagha Siraj thought and magic statement. Contribution to the conference of the Holy Quran and contemporary issues.
  3. The establishment of workshops, including: Towards a better lecture. As well as various lectures and cultural activities.
  4. Presenting a series of studies and proposals including: Towards a basic education.
  5. Contribution of the department professors to international and local conferences. And in several universities

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