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Volunteer , educational and an indicative work for the Mathematics Department

Based on the direct directives of the Presidency of the University of Kufa and the Deanship of the Faculty of Basic Education, represented by its Dean, Professor Dr. Alaa Naji Al-Mawla, and under the principle that the comprehensive development of the student cannot be achieved except through his interaction with society and all its spectrums, and consolidating his love of giving and cooperation, the student is a project of an educational leader to lead generations that bear the burden of building a homeland dominated by The principle of cooperation, harmony and love; For the purpose of activating this meaning and within the scientific educational plan to develop students’ educational skills, the Mathematics Department, represented by a group of its professors and a number of students, visited Al-Izdihar Primary School on Tuesday, 10/31/2023.

The visit included the purchase of a group of school supplies, including: six blackboards to fill the shortage of study supplies and some other school supplies, as well as maintenance of some aspects that need to be maintained in the school. The head of the department, Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammed Dosh, explained the importance of these voluntary actions, as it is a national moral responsibility that falls on everyone to build a cooperative society in which ethics of harmony and love prevail.

The students of the Mathematics Department showed great interaction with the students of Al Izdihar Primary School, and they all cooperated to accomplish this wonderful moral volunteer work. At the end of the visit, memorial photos were taken between the college delegation and the school students. At the same time, the head of the department invited the school students to visit the college in order to put a smile on their faces.

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