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A Symposium Entitled (Rumors and Their Impact on Society)

Assistant Professor Dr. Jabbar Muharib Abdullah lectured on it.
The lecturer discussed the following topics:
The first: In defining the rumor and explaining its common objective conditions, it is a customary concept that the researchers studied in the study and mentioned more than one definition for it, and the source of this difference is the multiplicity of views.
There are three objective conditions for a rumor to come true: the importance of the topic, the ambiguity surrounding it, and the psychological readiness to accept it.

Second: The effect of the rumor in forming public opinion.
Third: Motives and objectives: The objectives of the rumor are multiple, and they may emanate from one individual to another, or from one institution to another, or from one state to another.
The most important goals of the rumor are enmity with others, driving wedges, filling the void, winning for the friend, and so on.
Fourth: Measures taken to prevent the rumor or limit its spread. In this area, some divine legislation came to address this issue. Among these laws is the prohibition of slander, backbiting, lying, and slander, urging silence, verifying news, and scrutinizing what is presented. Criticizing circulating news, and relying only on knowledge.

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