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-A workshop Entitled Classroom Management skills for University Professors .

Under the sponsorship of Professor Dr. Alaa Al-Mawla, Dean of the Faculty of Basic Education at the University of Kufa, and within the scientific plan of the Mathematics Department for the academic year 2023-2024, the scientific educational workshop entitled (Classroom Management Skills for the University Professor) was held on Wednesday, 10/18/2024, within the Mathematics Department.
Dr. Buthaina Karim Atshan, lecturer in the Mathematics Department, lectured in the workshop. A group of topics related to the skills that a university professor must possess in order to manage the classroom were presented in the workshop, including: the concept of successful classroom management, the goals of classroom management, the classroom management skills of the university professor, and management methods.
The most important peaceful educational foundations for successful classroom management in university teaching were presented and discussed, as well as classroom leadership methods based on effective teaching, time management, preserving the importance of leadership cognitive planning within the classroom, and confronting all educational situations in a successful scientific manner that ultimately leads to an increase in discipline. Cognitive and educational process development.

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