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The significance of the Al-Asma-ul-Husna (Names of Allah) in the Holy Qur’an Between the Linguistic Meaning and the Narrations of Ahl al-Bayt

A scientific symposium by Professor Dr. Issam Kazem Al-Ghalibi, a teacher in the Arabic Language Department at the Faculty of Basic Education at the University of Kufa. The symposium dealt with how the Names of Allah appear in the Holy Qur’an, and linguists and commentators tried to mention their connotations, sometimes using the meaning of the root, and the morphological connotation at other times, and sometimes they help in explaining their connotations from The context in which it was mentioned.

Since the number of these names is more than ninety, and it is not necessary for me to find a narration of the Imams, peace be upon them, to explain the meaning of each of these names, the search will be limited to the ones whose meanings I found words of the Imams and not others, which are:

The Beneficent , The Merciful, The Unique, The Eternal( Satisfier of Needs) ,the first , the last , The All-Hearing , All Mighty, The All-Prevailing One , The Omnipotent On , The Subtle One, The Most Gentle , The All-Aware , Master of the Kingdom, All-Encompassing , The One

The nature of the research required that I divide it into an introduction dedicated to talking about the beautiful names in general, then I move on to mentioning these names and explaining their meanings, starting with mentioning the verse or one of the verses in which the name is mentioned and mentioning what the linguists said, then focusing on mentioning its meanings in the narrations of Ahl al-Bayt, and I did not neglect the benefit as well. From the commentators’ sayings, the research yielded results, the most important of which are:

•   The lexical meaning of a noun may agree with the meaning that appears in the narrations of Ahl al-Bayt or one of the pure imams, as in Uhud, al-Samad in some narrations, al-Latif, and others. The researcher found that some lexicographers mentioned the meaning of a noun, using what was mentioned in the narrations of Ahl al-Bayt or Their words are as in Al-Samad, Al-Awal, Al-Akhir, and Al-Wahid.

•   The researcher found in the narrations of Ahl al-Bayt that the meanings of these names are completely different from what was mentioned in linguistic dictionaries, especially when the imam details the meaning of the name by mentioning the meaning of each letter of that name.

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