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Second semester exams

1047 male and female students take exams at the end of the second semester at the Faculty of Basic Education at the University of Kufa


Students of the Faculty of Basic Education at the University of Kufa performed the exams at the end of the second semester for the morning and evening studies for the academic year 2022-2023.


The Dean of the College, Professor Dr. (Hassan Hameed Al-Fayadh), said, “The participation of about (1047) male and female students in the four departments of the college (Arabic language, Islamic education, kindergarten, and mathematics) by performing the exams at the end of the second semester.”


Indicating that the Deanship of the College worked to provide the best atmosphere for performing the exams that coincided with the noticeable rise in temperatures, adding that the Deanship, assistants and heads of scientific departments took upon themselves the direct field follow-up through continuous visits to the examination halls, informing them of the students’ problems and working to solve and overcome them.


While the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Haider Jijan Al-Ziyadi, pointed out to the preparation of the required supplies of stationery and examination books, stressing adherence to the instructions in force regarding the conduct of the examination process.


For his part, the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Maitham Mahdi Al-Hamami, indicated that the preliminary studies students in the Department of Arabic Language, Islamic Education, Kindergarten and Mathematics, who numbered (1047) male and female students, will take the end-of-semester exams starting from the first of June, explaining that the necessary requirements are prepared for the success of the examination process. Smooth and easy.


For their part, the students expressed their thanks to the college’s senior management for the good organization and work to meet the requirements of the end-of-year exams.

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