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Discussing the graduation projects of kindergarten students

The Kindergarten Department discusses graduation research for fourth-stage students, which is one of the requirements for obtaining a bachelor’s degree for students of the last stage, as the Kindergarten Department teachers discussed about 120 students from the morning and evening studies for the academic year 2022/2023 , Under the direct guidance of the Deanship of the Faculty of Basic Education / University of Kufa, represented by Professor Dr. (Hassan Hameed Al-Fayadh), Dean of the College, a discussion of graduation projects for fourth-stage students was conducted in the Kindergarten Department by the discussion committees formed by the department’s professors and lecturers. Prof. Evan Ali, head of the department, urged the discussion committees to discuss the scientific content of the projects in a manner commensurate with the principles of scientific research. The projects were distinguished by scientific and accuracy, which reflected the effort exerted by the students during their study period, in addition to the great effort of the teaching staff in order to raise the scientific level of their students.

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