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Scientific symposium entitled “Ali and man”

The Department of Arabic language in the Faculty of Basic Education at Kufa University / In cooperation with the Holy Upper Threshold held a scientific seminar on the occasion of the auspicious birth of the Prince of believers (Ali bin Abi Talib) (peace be upon him) presented by Professor Dr. (Star Al-Araji) Dean of the Faculty of Jurisprudence, pointing out the importance of the conference to be held in the fifth month of this year about (Ali and man), and confirmed in his lecture the most important topics that revolve in this sense, and then delivered professor (Abdul Hassan al-Abboudi) lecture on the birth of the Prince of believers in The Kaaba and the strong ties between Ali (as) and the House of God, when he was born in the Kaaba and cleansed the Kaaba of idols, and rose to his opinion as a martyr while he was in the House of God, as well as the harmony between him and his grandfather Ibrahim al-Khalil, who destroyed idols, and then mentioned Dr. Al-Abboudi the interest of the Prince of believers in peace with the counterpart in creation, which is the human being devoid of his emotional, religious or social affiliation.

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