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Dean’s word

Everybody knows that Najaf city of spiritual dimension and historical value the men of this city must make a continuous gift for this good city.From this depth of humanity and spirit inspired by the spirit of dedication and giving, the Faculty of Basic Education at the University of Kufa a light shine in the sky of knowledge, to serve the city of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), through making human who can educate the generation accordance with the principles of heaven across the modern educational methods and the original knowledge to paint a bright future that looks like the character of the teacher who was and still occupies the lofty status in his community for his self-effort, effort and thought .
According to the above, the College has endeavored to do its best to improve the college’s status. At all levels. In spite of all the difficulties and challenges, the College held a large number of scientific conferences that left a good impression on the participants as well as opening them to sections that are in harmony with the need of the community and the development of postgraduate studies in Arabic and Islamic education. And others, which contribute to the service of the student to achieve the desired goals. and Praise be to Allah , Lord of the Worlds.

the professor Doctor

Maytham Mahdi Saleh Al hammami

the Faculty Dean