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Praise be to God whenever Alhamidon praise, and thank God whenever Suha and placebo for Alsahon mentioned, and prayers perfect on the beloved Prophet Muhammad and his family and his knowledge reservoir on his family who stood up to Islam and did not Anuua and was overwhelmed primary power Overture NLD.
Between the Holy Quran that the Secretariat had spared them the heavens and the earth and the mountains, and carry human Vokhvq sponsored Alazloum Aljhol, as claimed is put things in perspective, sticking his ignorance and far too it. And confirmation of that what was shown the Qur’an of the attributes of a single (human) such as: (Alaaos despair) [1] (hamlets) [2] (seize panic) [3] (Knud) [4], to put versus those dark ‘s elite, which cleared itself of faith Vosrjt her science lamps, and he began working Ttwasy good works and to follow the right, and it Ttwasy patient [5] was Vovlan prophets and guardians, scholars and righteous, to outlive their land and have them be imams and their heirs. Were it not for that exception to the documented Odenah work, not by virtue of Gmnah.
Secretariats of those momentous Deanship College of Basic Education at the University of Kufa. Kufa University has developed such Secretariat weigh in the hands since the idea was going on in the mind of the President of the University of Kufa, Previous: Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq al-Issa, as it cost me under the chairmanship of a committee to study open the College of Basic Education, and the Committee’s membership by the Assistant Professor Dr Razak Abdul Amir Mahdi, and Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Haji. And thanks to God Almighty has been developed study destination sound, making the Ministry of Higher Education agree that open directly. Then cost me Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Issa also deanship. It was a great challenge for my consent difficulties. The first woman dean at the University of Kufa, is the burden of carrying the burden over the deanship itself. But – thankfully – Lord has helped me to form a constituent structure of this college to choose a group from the University of Kufa option, Vetoasina Toasina patience and the right to good deeds, Allah Fovguena to walk steadily forward. Falclah day of the colleges, which is being held by the hopes of the province of Najaf, is the first college in the university will emerge in this school year – God willing – teachers holding a bachelor’s degree in education Basically, this complexity to our students hopes to raise the scientific level in this important phase of learning, as this stage adopted a personal and refine trends and sponsors ambitions. Great hope that the output of this college to the people of those hopes

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