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Employment of social media in the service of the Arabic language

Scientific lecture: To Celebrate International Day of Arabic language

In the presence of the Dean of the College Prof. Dr. (Maytham Mahdi Al-Hamami) ,Professor (Hassan Hamid Fayyad) scientific assistant, Assistant Professor Dr. (Salah Muhammad Shamsa) and a group of Arabic language professors.
 Dr. Essam Kazem Al-Ghalbi spoke about his personal experience in investing in social media, especially Facebook to benefite the readers and benefite from them.
 . Al-Ghalbi said in his lecture that he benefited from many of these methods in spreading the linguistic thought and alerting to the common mistakes and mentioning the minutes of the Arabic language useful from the most important scientific sources, and he used the gramrma  syntax  in  the speech of Arab.  He   also  said that through these means he communicated with a large number of specialists in the Arabic language inside and outside Iraq and was a means of consultation in the field of scientific subjects submitted to the study and the eligibility and knowledge of the topics nearby, as well as scientific communication in the field of conferences and seminars and scientific discussions as well as publishing houses.  He invited the students present to benefit from the Arabic language pages and to learn about the linguistic issues in which they are  published.

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