Vision of Department :

Leadership and excellence and innovation in scientific and academic fields at the local, regional and international level; to reach a common society in which Quranic Culture and Islamic concepts and graduating qualified distinct globally competitive.

Department Mission:

Be a section Koran and Islamic education of scientific departments contribute to the preparation and teacher training college believers incompetent their mission who perform educational their message to the fullest distinct in their field of specialization innovators in the field of scientific research are able to employ educational knowledge in solving the problems facing the foundation of education; thus contributing in the service of society and of the highest quality certified standards and thus they are able to compete with their peers with similar terms of reference worldwide.

Department goals:

– Preparation of university teachers qualified providers with expertise and skills to the teaching of the Koran and Islamic education with high efficiency and effectiveness in the foundation stages of education in the light of contemporary educational trends and developed according to the scientific programs keep pace with scientific progress and meet the needs of the labor market and the requirements of comprehensive development.
– Raise the level of educational performance of students for their mission in the foundation of education and through the Holy Quran and recite and understand it.
– The development of scientific thinking and methods and innovative and creative skills among students.
– Enrich the student information and other relevant document of Islamic science necessary for him to form a general understanding of when considering emerging issues in contemporary science.
– Building an academic environment characterized by creativity, within the college and contribute to activating the role of the university in society and opening it.
– Promote the spirit of cooperation among students through participation in meaningful activities and hold student meetings and the establishment of cultural seminars.
– Conferences and seminars, local, Arab and international scientific meetings and post out.
– Access to academic accreditation.

About the Department :

Founded in 2009, University of Kufa is one of the Iraqi Universities in Iraq and one of the most distinguished and distinctive in the Iraq. Najaf is a small and ancient city. Its historical place form a World Heritage site and its colleges, library, and arts and sporting facilities provide a lively and congenial environment in which to study. Both the University and the Department are large enough to challenge and small enough to nurture, at all levels of undergraduate. The Department welcomes mature students as well as student who have finished their higher schools.

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